My Camera Evolution

My Camera Evolution

Hi I’m Bethany and I am 13 years old. This is my photography site. I have loved photography for quite awhile now. Photography is not only my hobby, but my passion! Want to learn more about me? Check out my about me page.

Lets talk about the beginning. The first camera that I ever owned, was your basic Kodak camera. I got this camera in 2008! This camera was nothing to talk about. It took your picture. But was nothing more than that. As I noticed I really liked photography, I couldn’t get the quality pictures I desired. So I really wanted a higher quality digital camera. So needless to say in 2010 I asked for a new camera for my birthday. Fujifilm I got the Fuji Film Finepix Z70 in blue. I loved this camera! It is what really got me into photography. I was able to get clear pictures, that I was proud of.

So when I went camping, in 2011 with my youth group, I decided to bring it. I thought It wouldn’t be hard to lose. But I decided to go on a hike with a few other people. We hiked to a water fall. It was a beautiful water fall! Once we got to the waterfall, everyone sat their bags down and went to the waterfall. It was a very rocky terrain. I sat my bag down. Then got in the water. I had a great time. But when we were about to leave. I got my bag and when I picked it up my camera flew out of its case, and right into the waterfall! I told one of my youth leaders and they tried to go get my camera. Unfortunately they couldn’t find it. I was so sad, crying and everything. Everyone thought I was mostly sad about losing my pictures. But instead I was sad about losing the camera because I wanted to keep it as a keepsake. To think, this is the camera that got me into photography. So now its gone. I at least have the memories. Maybe one day I will get another one like it just to have that model of camera.

But one thing that kept me happy during this camping trip, was that I was getting a new camera. I knew I was getting a new camera for awhile at this point. Me and my family were talking about it a few months before. But this was not a digital camera. This was a real serious camera.

Originally I was gonna get the Nikon d3100. But after some research and talking to other photographers, I decided to go with a canon. I found an equivalent camera (price and quality wise) the canon t2i. I really love this camera! No more buying a camera every year.  Maybe just new lens!